Ponder. . .  What is a Church?

“Dynamic” is one response.

This may seem an elementary question, but the views people carry about the cares in their life, in no particular order — faith, family, jobs, friends, hobbies — matter.  We invest in the things we care about with our time, efforts, and money.  We bring energy and ideas to projects.

Obviously, there is more than one answer to this question, “What is a Church . . .?.”  Feel free to elaborate if you desire.  I thoroughly believe Christians should share their ideas and beliefs with one another.  Through my eyes this is what fellowship is mainly about:  Spiritual enlightenment.  Sharing with the faithful creates an environment for exchanging the concepts of our faith that help us to learn new views about our faith and, in so doing, sharpen our ability to share the faith to those who need to know more of God.  What better way to expand your own knowledge of God than to share with those made in God’s own image.  In Genesis, God makes humans in, “Our own image,” — which means you and each of those you worship with are somehow an “image of (the plurality of) God.”

“…this is what fellowship is mainly about: Spiritual enlightenment.”

We receive back in measure to how much we give, or in New Testament terms, “Reap what we sow.”  And as our knowledge increases about a subject we understand it better and tend to be more supportive towards it.  In this instance we are talking about ‘church’ and any of its aspects.  If the question seems awkward, rethink it a little.  Maybe “At church we…”  or “What I like is …”  So write us something…



Author: myasceticnotebook

Hi, I'm Jeff. Husband, Father, Christian musician. Free-thinker in Christ.

One thought on “Ponder. . .  What is a Church?”

  1. I will forgo all the technical stuff, like Greek words and scripture references, because I’m a little tired…because of doing the church thing all day 🙂 The main thing I would add is that the “church” is the visible body of Christ, filled with his Spirit, and called to bring glory to the Father in Jesus’ name. As individual parts of the whole, you and I benefit greatly by interacting with other believers, for a healthy body is a harmonious, interdependent body (we’re not all eyes, as the Apostle Paul would say). Fellowship between believers is something that is critical and commanded. But even more, remember that it was Jesus, who when He encountered Saul on the road to Damascus, that He said, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute Me?” Jesus so identified with the Christians Paul was persecuting that Jesus felt persecuted, too! If we love Jesus like we say we do, then it’s hard not to love the things He does – and He loves the Church…not just the Church universal, but individual gatherings who gather in His name.

    It’s a great subject, the Church. I’m glad you were willing to tackle it.

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