Love Driving?

It is, sometimes, wearisome, when a church does not accept you for what you are…

Love to drive?  I do:

slow down,

speed up,

turn down the roads I like most,

choose the places I want to visit.

With God along for the ride, we can go it together, forever.  It’s fun.  It’s good.  We go lots of places — both in real life and metaphorically speaki, err, driving.

One car I had was a 1962 Chevy Corvair; came into possession of it with quite a few miles on it.  Drove it for several years ’til it died.
Between Ralph Nader and its unibody construction ( Nader complained, rightfully so, that in certain wind and road conditions the car could be flipped like a pancake; and the unibody was rusting through, creating a bit of wiggle in the steering ) my driving time became a blessed time as I “felt the need” to “pray constantly”.
God saw me through it, but, when driving my next car I do have to admit my prayer time wained a bit.


Then God wanted to drive and have me go where He wanted to drive.  I had no doubts He knew the most advantageous way through life.

So I sat in the front seat and was able to watch the scenery go past the windows.  You can see more when you are not occupied with moving the steering wheel, watching the road, or steadily monitoring the accelerator pedal to keep the right speed.

It’s the “Good Life!” to have the Jesus take you to the people and places you need to see.  The Holy Spirit to teach you what you should know.  God’s guidance is a good groove.  You become the person you should become by developing the gifts and talents He wants you to have.

It is, sometimes, wearisome, when a church does not accept you for what you are; accepting only what they want to order you to do and ignore 80% of what Jesus put into you.


Author: myasceticnotebook

Hi, I'm Jeff. Husband, Father, Christian musician. Free-thinker in Christ.

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