Comparison of Faith – Romans 1:17

Comparing Faith can be a good thing

There are different interpretations to the 17th Verse in the 1st Chapter of Romans.  Some expound that examining Faith from a point of beginning to where it concludes shows forth Righteousness.  I am not held to that interpretation.  I like another reading of this verse; one that balances any rendering of Faith to another.

We spend a lot of time comparing things.  Such as, how much are we willing to pay.  Well, I do not mean only money, but time, effort, mental energy.  Even pride — yes it might cost too much if I have to swallow some pride.

There are many directions to use for analysis and the reason I focused upon pride: too many times when comparing ourself to someone else we are envious of something they possess that we do not.  Anything leading to envy, jealousy or a host of other “spiritual predicaments” leads down the wrong track.  (Another post, probably).

What if I compare one apprehension of Faith to another, but different, construct or perspective on Faith?  According to Romans 1:17, I would apprehend Righteousness.  In other words, by eyeing — I hate the word “judging” in this instance because we are not attempting to show one above another — the two = Righteousness.

From this perspective of Faith, then, I could take stalk of myself, defining what I used to be 5-years ago and register that evaluation against what I now have learned about God.  To see the growth (glad to say I have grown, not digressed) over the 5-years is to reveal Righteousness.

Neat? Neat.


We all compare Faith.  I believe to is in our natures to do so.  Now instead of playing the role of judges bearing the scales of the doom for unfaithful acts, catapulting one camp of Faith over another; we now have a way to understand God better.

We see Righteous.  Like the path of the Righteous that mimics the sun: growing brighter just as the morning light grows towards noon when the sun shows brightest.  The shadows fall away.  (Proverbs 4:18)


Author: myasceticnotebook

Hi, I'm Jeff. Husband, Father, Christian musician. Free-thinker in Christ.

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