In Time, God Comes Through (Christmas Thoughts)

So many times gods are characterized living above this world, detached from it, yet controlling and manipulating people and events; inanimate objects — rocks, mountains, trees, earthquakes here and there; yeah, even the wind, rain, sun, lightning bolts; well, let’s throw in entire planets, gravity, the whole space-time continuum.  After all, a god is a god and can do anything they well please to do.  Can we, PLEASE, have the choice of a god who has a different mindset?

How about a Deity sitting back, assessing the condition of humanity and surmises, “Just as it is difficult to recapture water that is seeping into the ground, after it is poured from a cup: humanity is lost . . . and should be retrievable“.

Retrievable.  Second chance.  Relocating.  New Life.  A better way than what we, humanity, knew before.

Knew before what:

Previous human history?  The rise of homo-sapiens and their penchant for recording our history, knowing the past, proves we hope to glean information from what we used to think and work.  Now we allow women and blacks the right to vote — a good thing.

The goading of my parents?  Maybe what my parents tried to write on my forehead so I could file their wisdom into my brain by absorption, was of a higher value than what my 16-year-old-head gave credit for.

What I learned last week, last year, or a decade ago?  Knowledge changes our opinions and therefore, how we plan to solve an issue and what constitutes our priorities.  Some gargantuan changes lead to reordering the reckoning of time.  But I have welcomed smaller reckonings, “Before entering the cafe I did not have a coffee; after leaving I now have 2 coffees”.  (Not exactly an issue with reckoning time about, but give me a break, I just drank 2 coffees).

There is a presence of a deity that can live inside, fellowships with me.

Thus, God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; who exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; who is Love, Wisdom, Creator, Redeemer; brought into this world His begotten, eternal, true Son, as one of us — flesh: a heart that pumps blood and for feeling, a brain for thoughts, hands to help others, feet for walking, perceiving the sense of touch, eyes that focus light (the light He, Himself created), a tongue with tastebuds to form words with;  . . . at just the right moment, a threshold for humankind to waltz across finding the other side to be better than what could be imagined, to be awed by why they did not embrace this before.  To be retrieved from “lost, forever lost”.


Based on 2 Samuel 14:14, and other Christian verses and values

Author: myasceticnotebook

Hi, I'm Jeff. Husband, Father, Christian musician. Free-thinker in Christ.

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