Leaders’ Quad-fecta

4 Aspects of Christian Leadership

This is 133% of a TRI-fecta!

[This post is meant to be juxtaposed with today’s other post, “Obeying Leaders”.]

1st Peter, Chapter 5

These verses in the beginning of 1st Peter, Chapter 5 succinctly contain how to be a good, effective Teacher and Leader in the context of Christian Community.  Let’s list the major points:

  1. Oversight
  2. Willing to Serve
  3. Not Insisting on your own way
  4. Be an Example of the Christian Faith


Have you ever learned how to use or know the workings of a Radial Arm Saw, even though they are now a bit obsolete?  Do you even know what a Radial Arm Saw is? or does?

If you guessed:
“It cuts wood,” you are correct.
“It’s on am arm,” you are correct.
“It pivots on an axis or radius,” correct, again.
“You pull it,” correct.
You really know your stuff!!!  Kudos!!!

Ahh, (now you suppose there has to be a catch) — “How  do you pull it?” I ask.  Mind you, in this instance I am talking about cutting across the grain, not with the grain.  And how you pull makes a difference. . .

The final correct answers is: “Pull With Restraint.”  Restraint??  Yes, — Restraint!

You can consult these references:




and this by Jamie Ward, Furniture Curriculum Leader at Warwickshire College.

As you watch Jamie make the cut, notice he is not cutting through the wood quickly.  He is actually holding the saw back, and at the same time pulling it forward.  This is “Pulling With Restraint”.

Notice, the saw’s teeth on the upper edge, are rotating towards the operator, so where the teeth are cutting on the lower side, at the table, move in the same direction the saw is drawn through the piece of wood.  If it is pulled too quickly, without applying measured control, the blade will dig and fling itself forward — and we do not wish to see a saw blade flinging in the direction of the operator.  So he, Jamie, must literally, hold the saw by pushing back and check the blade from digging into the wood.  Radial Arm Saw Operators want to EASE the saw — pulling while at the same time pushing back — along the entire length of the cut.

But to point out the obvious: “You cannot just hold the saw back.  You have to move it forward or nothing is accomplished”.


So, Christian Leader, in my opinion,  “Pull With Restraint”.

The list at the start of this post:  have good insights and ideas; give oversight; be willing to serve, but realize your service might be to enable others’ in accomplishing their ideas, setting your own wants aside.

Be willing to set your own agenda aside for 2-reasons (although you do not have to always set your ideas aside).  First, Christians must work together, not to only work with each other because we have to.  We should want to embrace each others’ ideas while rightly sharing our own.  It is simply healthier for us to labor together.  And, it is best for more than one individual to contribute to a project as equal siblings of God’s family working together as Christians.  Appropriately though, some projects will have only one person at the helm giving “orders”, but not because of power problems; another project will have several people pulling it together; maybe another task is only a one person job; or, a new or young person might lead, but they have a Mentor who appropriately Guides.

Secondly, our actual leader is the Holy Spirit’s motivation, guidance, and direction.  The “head” of the Church is Christ.  He ascended and sent His Spirit for us to rally to. (John 16: 7-15)


To conclude, let me say the Leader of the Church is Jesus (God & Holy Spirit) as stated in Colossians 1: 15-18.  The firstborn of all creation has all creation summed up in Him.  Creation is:

  • Subject to Him
  • Made for Him
  • Held together by Him
  • Created through, in, and by Him

Therefore it is Jesus we live for, if we are keeping ourselves in God’s plan.

I believe in a process where all Christians are to live in relationship with each other and duly respect each other, as illustrated in Philippians 2: 3 and 4.

So I will say,
“Maranatha” (the Lord comes)

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Hi, I'm Jeff. Husband, Father, Christian musician. Free-thinker in Christ.

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