At the Journey’s End We Will be Given Our Due

2 Corinthians 5:10

As our life closes and we see God to His face, we are called to some kind of reckoning for the life we have lived.

Talking on a positive note, as an individual you determine your outcome.  Like college.  At the end of the semester, the professor tallies the points you accrued and assigns the grade you earned.  More effort on your part towards higher test scores equals a higher grade.  Nice going!  Our society emphasizes higher grades.  But, God can see your whole life.  Maybe you did not study as much because the house 2 doors down the block caught fire, and you helped the displaced family the weekend before midterm.  Society looks at the grade; thank God, for seeing “the larger picture”; as well as our hearts.  (I do not imply students shirk good grades — do your best work.  Always try your hardest.)

As implied, this delving is enacted for individuals, not groups.  Each person is evaluated — not nations, cultures, denominations, religions, genders and such.  You are gifted for your credits, not for points earned by a group.

Author: myasceticnotebook

Hi, I'm Jeff. Husband, Father, Christian musician. Free-thinker in Christ.

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