After the Resurrection

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Acts 1:9-11

     Children of the Calling,
     After the resurrection, Jesus spent time on Earth in bodily form, to “fill-in-the-corners” just right.  That is, if learning from the Word of God is likened to eating, Jesus added to the knowledge the disciples’had already learned, making their knowledge “replete”, a nice well-rounded meal.  During this time, I speculate the disciples “got it”, realizing the full impact of the prophets who foretold the coming of the Messiah.  In addition, the disciples prepared for the future: a life of ministry, leading many to follow in their footsteps.  We must do likewise.
     When the time came for Jesus to bodily leave this planet, the disciples watched Him go.  And just as the angels asked Mary about looking for the living amongst the dead, angels inquired why they gazed into the sky.  Going back to Jerusalem, they began a life of prayer with the community of believers.
     But, no doubt, something else was on their minds — the angels revealed: Jesus will be back someday!

Author: myasceticnotebook

Hi, I'm Jeff. Husband, Father, Christian musician. Free-thinker in Christ.

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