American Redstarts Leave Nest

I did not realize their nest was less than 10 feet from the backdoor! until yesterday. Although I knew their nest was nearby I did not attempt to locate it. The inside of the nest was hardly big enough to hold the three chicks. Their flight feathers were developing nicely. It would not be long until their first flight. It is happening now. On of the three nestlings has left, one is sitting on a branch just upwards and left of the nest (see picture, and the third was seen just awhile ago in the nest, but could be out in the greater world by now; if not, it is hunkered down out of sight. The female has yellow feathers distinguishing it from the orange of the male. -Jeff

Feeding Time

Author: myasceticnotebook

Hi, I'm Jeff. Husband, Father, Christian musician. Free-thinker in Christ.

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