submit, humble, anxiety connect

How does submission, humility, and anxiety relate to each other?

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submit, humble, anxiety connect 2021-10-24

While discussing 1 Peter 5:7, a question was raised: “What is the connection between submissiveness, humility and anxiety?”  Look at 5 – 7:

5 Young men, in the same way, submit yourselves to your elders. And all of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”
6 Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, so that in due time He may exalt you.
7 Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.  (Berean Study Bible)

So, how does submission, humility, and anxiety relate to each other?  Each are a conscious action —  deliberately chosen, then initiated as a believer.

When this question came up I said I had never associated these 3 particular concepts.  Before  I knew it I was asked for my thoughts.  My reply was to ruminate over a cup of coffee.  Well, I had my cup of coffee so here goes:

“Submit” is defined in the context of verse 5, “humility” from verse 6, “anxiety” from verse 7.

In verse 5, we need to Submit to Elders the way Peter, in the previous verses, grounds Elders to temper their conduct.  I see 8 characteristics but let’s recall only these: 1. it is God’s will, 2. not out of greed, 3. be eager, 4. not bossy, and 5. (this answers “WHY”) be an example — these behaviors are what our “Chief Shepherd” wants in His leaders and emulated by their protégés.

Humility is taking-stalk-in-yourself in relationship with God, directly connecting you and God.  It is not, as so many times portrayed, a destructive process tearing yourself down.  Rather, we seek God’s guidance within from the Spirit that is Holy.  It is in relating oneself to Christ we see what matters the most.

Anxiety seems to arise through a touch of doubt or fear; not from complete unbelief.  Remember Peter has, in the last few verses, given us insights into submission and humbleness.  AND if you have (most of us have, no doubt) mastered these by now, then, the anxiety has vanished!  But, should a smallish smidgeon of sweat surround you . . . Fling it God’s way!  (An extra way to deepen your relationship with Him.)

Another tidbit: God is mentioned 3-times; once in each verse.
Verse 5, submission: God gives Grace.  
Verse 6, humble: under God’s mighty hand.
Verse 7, anxiety: He cares.

In Him,

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Hi, I'm Jeff. Husband, Father, Christian musician. Free-thinker in Christ.

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