Off the Record

A more personal note

2018-7-4  Since the snows of winter began falling in December I have spent much time reading about the Eastern Church and the very early church.  Here in the Western World we do not learn much about how Christianity sprouted and spread throughout the Eastern side of the Roman Empire and beyond: even to the edge of the Pacific Ocean.  I was curious to look at these events, theologies, and cultures because of books that were referencing theologies and events from early on in the life of the church, even as far back as the disciples and their direct converts.  It has been interesting, to say the least.  And I have only seen the tip of the iceberg.


I have begun writing a handful of blogs but find myself deliberating (this is an under statement) about the wording; and even whether or not to write on the topic since my views might bring generous amounts of criticism.


Had a brainstorm! why not, in this blog with asceticism in its title, have a category on — you can guess it — asceticism!  Duh.